Unlock Your Body’s Wisdom

Become Who You Long to Be

Psychotherapeutic , body centred , trauma
informed therapies to bring you home to the
resilience at your core.

Unlock Your Body’s Wisdom

Become Who You Long to Be

Psychotherapeutic , body centred , trauma
informed therapies to bring you home to the
resilience at your core.

Here’s the thing. Life is messy. We get bruised, battered and shaken.

So how would it be to rediscover the part of you that’s always been unshaken, heart-steady, at home in who you are? How would it be to find your unshakeable calm?

It may be niggling anxiety that’s wearing you down.

Or you can’t find your ‘off-button,’ though you know you need to: you’re snappy and grumpy and your relationships are suffering.

You may be running on empty and even though you’re tired it’s hard to pause, to rest, or sleep deeply.

Whether it’s emotional stress, disturbed sleep , painful body symptoms, or ongoing health issues that are spinning your life out of control, the work we can do together can uncover this resilient part of you: ready to find the steady calm at your core … where all healing happens .
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Beneath your anxiety, your endless doing , is a space of quiet.
A space where you are
Grounded. Rooted. Centered.

This is where you are at your best and most rested.
The world needs you like this ,
and it’s how you can make your greatest contribution.

Creating a healing bridge between the body and the mind to resolve the traumas and stresses that stop us from living our lives fully.

For the busy mind that keeps you awake when you want to sleep

Deep Sleep Reset

The complete body mind roadmap for better sleep because when you sleep better you live life better.

For the parts of you that hurt ……. and are ready to heal.

Finding Your Unshakeable Calm

Psychotherapeutic body centred and trauma informed therapy to help you come home to yourself.

For tired bodies and worn out minds

Untying The Knots

Cultivate Resilience. Rest deeply . Rewire your nervous system.


I’ve worked with hundreds of women who …

Chronically over-manage, over-think & over-give and have a hard time saying ‘no’ to helping people, so they feel burned out in their life

Who know that anxiety or traumatic stress is running the show making it hard to switch off from the endless thoughts that drive them crazy.

I’ve helped those who can’t sleep at night, who drag themselves through the day exhausted, dreading the sleeplessness that comes when they settle into bed at night.

And those that feel the stress of juggling their life is clearly manifesting in physical pain or ongoing illnesses , and who feel like their body is letting them down.

Mostly it is for those who don’t feel at home in their skin anymore but who are finally ready to rest deeply, nourish , heal and reconnect to their juicy, vibrant and safely embodied selves.


Searla, Teacher

” Hi Deirdre, Thank you so much for taking the time and opening up that space for us tonight. I found it very helpful to really listen to my body which is in a lot of pain and I realize I’ve been ignoring the level of discomfort I’m in but I realize now I need to do something more to help myself, so thanks- I would have kept putting it off ’til i got worse It’s my body telling me to pay attention I’m sure but with this reaction to keep going, keep busy, it’s difficult to find the space. I realize, I can’t run away from that anymore- so thanks for facilitating that insight. Keep doing what you’re doing, Best wishes and blessings – Talk soon. “

Claire O Malley

” Your sessions have been life enhancing for me and I am so happy and feel so lucky to have found you all that time ago when I didn’t know how to fight to survive but knew I really wanted to. I very much appreciate your participation in my survival and couldn’t have gotten to this place of ease in my body – and my mind – without your help and kind support throughout. “

Aisling Phillips, Yoga Teacher

” Thanks so much for embracing what I turned up with today. It was so very good. As always. As it often happens – you intuited my needs so well offering suggestions that I can respond to. I really appreciate that. It empowers me to give voice to needs that I hear and feel in me – but I can’t find inner permission to express. I was so thankful and relieved to finally be able to do that today and love the ease with which you facilitated this for me . I’m very thankful that you’re continuing your work during lockdown. I know it’s a hard situation for all. I can say that you’re making a world of difference to me. “

Mary, accountant.

After the loss of my husband, I was all over the place and even though I was tired, my sleep was very unfulfilling . I wasn’t able to cope so well and just craved a full night’s rest . Finally with your help I have doubled my sleep times and sleep so much better than I ever thought I would. It’s so great not to feel like a zombie throughout the day and to have the energy to get through my day easily. And best of all – not having the worry that I won’t be able to get to sleep that night. It’s the best feeling ever!

….. As seen in …..

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Could you benefit from sleep that is unbroken and deeply restorative?

The world needs you at your best and most well-rested and so we’ve created a programme that will deliver just that.

And while there are no magic wands waved in the process, (it’s got lots of stable science backing it up,) magic will happen as your body and mind learns new ways of letting go and refreshing sleep takes over, night after night.

My Deep Sleep Reset Programme is a full-spectrum body-mind approach, offering you the most effective sleep solutions to help sleep soundly right through the night.

Integrating Embodied Mindfulness, Somatic Psychology, Yoga enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Trauma Resolution to resolve underlying physical , emotional and psychobiological issues that interrupt your precious sleep-time.

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How would it be to rediscover the part of you that’s always been unbroken , heart-steady, at home in who you are?

Whether it’s a past trauma, niggling anxiety or you feel like life is spinning out of control, this work will help you put the pieces of your life together as you find your way ‘home’.

Unshakeable. Unbroken.

Programme One - Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy

We often don’t know our core deep strength so instead of doing the necessary healing work we try to manage the pain of our experience. We develop ways to cope – some helpful, some not. We self-identify with what’s broken. This leads us into harsh judgements, pushing ourselves until we’re exhausted along with needless anxiety or lack of self-worth.

Hakomi’s gentle yet powerful body-centred psychotherapeutic approach reveals, heals and transforms the beliefs and habits that may cause emotional suffering and chronic illnesses. ...... Read More

Programme two - Psychotherapy for the body... and the mind

There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.
- Rumi

NeuroAffective Touch® is a neurologically informed touch-based psychotherapy that uses somatic psychology, touch, and body-centred approaches as vital psychobiological interventions.
This profound yet gentle work offers a space where the nonverbal language of our bodies can be unlocked to access the deep layers of your body where the emotional shock and overwhelm are stored, healing the wounds that cause suffering. Read More .......

Programme three - Craniosacral Therapy

Our bodies speak to us in many different ways, they speak to us through the discomfort of tight shoulders, through the sensation of butterflies in the stomach, through the tight knot of the heart - our bodies don’t need words - our bodies have a language of its own, an expression in the muscles and the tissues that can be unlocked by a skilled therapist

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Create space for yourself to lay down your load and unwind the kinks, knots and chronic tensions to reveal the inner resilience and emotional strength that’s right at the core of you.

Movement Sessions. Read More. Body Work Session Read More

In these sessions we bring high doses of self compassion therapy, movement that soothes, and trauma informed bodywork to unravel the bracing patterns held in our muscles, breath,belly and hearts to come truly home to ourselves.