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Sleep is the most important part of your day
We’re here to help you get more of it
Could you benefit from a good nights sleep?

I Get it

In your fast-paced life it can often be hard to get enough sleep and feel refreshed each day. You’ll probably feel exhausted having to run around all day but then can’t sleep once your head hits the pillow.

Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night and you don’t know why?

You feel burnt out from this lack of sleep ; you feel grumpy, anxious or unable to control your emotions and you know that being deeply rested is critical for living your best life.

It all boils down to this: without adequate (and good quality) sleep, life is harder. Life feels like more of a struggle and it’s much harder to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

And trust me… I was one of these people!

After trying MANY methods and online fads I decided one restless Sunday that I would develop my own approach, drawing from my many years of training in healthcare. And it had to be a simple and easy-to-use method from the get-go.

Thankfully it worked and I now sleep like a log!

Since this day I have been working hard to show others my simple method in order to try and help them with this crippling pattern of behaviour.

There is a way out of this… and I’m here to help!

Take sleep seriously …. We do !

… and can honestly say that this is the only programme that supports the body, the mind and resolves the critical emotional triggers that keep us awake at night.

Integrating Somatic Psychology, Yoga enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Embodied Mindfulness and Trauma Resolution to resolve underlying physical , emotional and psychobiological issues to give you your best nights sleep.

Start your best night’s sleep experience tonight …

Restore Your Emotional Balance

When life hands you curve-balls you sleep may naturally suffer. We will explore how anxiety and emotional stress contribute to sleepless nights. You will learn how to work through what’s happening so you can get the rest you need.

Refresh Your Body

Release the tension from the very tips of your fingers; close your eyes and simply be.
A good night’s rest starts with inviting your body to unwind and power-moment by moment and part by part so can curl up and sleep deeply.

Calm Your Nervous System

Melt away you stress and anxiety, syncing your mind to enter a deep state allowing stress and anxiety melts away so you can drift into a deep sleep naturally.

Unplug your Mind

Give your mind a place to rest with practices of mindfulness that enable your mind to slow down and come to rest deeply.


Wake up happy, rested and ready for the day ahead.
Here's how we can make that happen.

Unplug Your Mind

Online Consultation

The minds tendency to never stop is noticed most at bedtime – we want to sleep , but the mind isn’t ready yet and refuses to quieten down. This leaves us in a loop of ‘tired but wired’ which can be very frustrating. Let’s break that loop so you can get the deep restorative sleep you need ….


The practices of Mindfulness-Yoga based Cognitive Behavourial Therapy allows us to disengage from our hectic day, to calm the mind .in preparation for a restful night’s sleep
It’s not just chat. It’s a complete toolbox. You get all the support and tools you need to be happier and sleep better.

Mindfulness Yoga enhanced CBT is the only scientifically proven non-drug solution to sleep issues. It improves sleep in 70-80% of patients, is more effective than sleeping pills and reduces or eliminates sleeping pills in the vast majority of patients.

Show me how

Press Pause

In-Person Appointment

Classes, Workshops and Trainings: This on-line sleep course is a comprehensive package of science-based strategies and practical tools that bring healthy, sustainable sleep – within six weeks or less. This mind-body sleep training will help you wake up ready and refreshed each day , giving you the energy to stay on top of your game. Appointment


Embodied Yoga and Mindfulness is at the core of these programmes and will leave you ready for sleep night after night.

Show me how

Sleep Deep


Anxiety and emotional trauma keeps us in a cycle of fight and flight, keeping us awake in the middle of the night in a state of worry and agitation. Integrating the psycotherapuetic skills that I support you with can help individuals make radical shifts in how they think and perceive situations by looking at them without judgment, where sleep comes naturally.


Somatic Therapy seeks to address this by calming the fear centres of the brain and regulating our emotional brain to bring us into a place of restful ease allowing sleep to occur naturally.

Show me how


This is for you if …

It might take ages to fall asleep or you wake up during the night and struggle to go back to sleep
You feel burnt out from lack of sleep ; you feel grumpy, anxious or unable to control your emotions and you know that being deeply rested is critical for your emotional well-being.
You dread going to bed – you would love to know how manage your sleep anxiety and end the tossing-and-turning each night.
You've tried everything and might doubt that you can ever recover your sleep without the aid of sleeping pills, or you may think that as it’s being going on for so long you’re a lost cause.
Your brain feels like cotton-wool after a bad nights sleep ; you're ready to take the steps needed to optimise your sleep-time, so your mind and energy-levels stay sharp and focused during the day.
You’re looking for science-backed solutions that releases your stress, helps you relax, and propels you into a state of tranquility so you can get the quality sleep your body really needs.

I’m here to tell you that I’ve helped many people like you. … and would love to help you find the rest you need for a happy, balanced and productive day

"Deirdre, I would go demented without your Yoga classes. You always bring something new and innovative to your teaching, and you bring so much of yourself to the class. Since doing the Deep Sleep Yoga I have been going to sleep with some of the techniques that you taught us – my husband thinks I’m crazy – but seriously I feel a lot more sane. Great, great class."
"Your classes have been life enhancing for me and I am so happy and feel so lucky to have happened on your class all that time ago when I didn’t know how to fight to survive but knew I really wanted to. I very much appreciate your participation in my survival."
"After the death of my husband I was all over the place and even though I was tired, my sleep was very unfulfilling . Finally I have increased my sleep times from just 3 hours to six hours a night. I do these practices now just before bedtime and sleep so much better than I ever thought I would. It’s so great not to feel like a zombie throughout the day."

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