Somatic Psychotherapy for the body … and the mind

Bodywork …. for all of you

Somatic Psychotherapy for the body … and the mind

Bodywork …. for all of you

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became
more painful than the risk it took to blossom
Anais Nin

Somatic therapy offers a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and unlock the story held in our bodies. It respects the wisdom of the body and its instinctive ways of responding to trauma and emotional anxiety and recognises the importance of allowing the process to unfold at its own pace ;
moving forward when you are ready.

Come join me in unravelling the parts of you that keep you stuck .

“Hakomi is a path taken by those who work to go beyond the half-remembered hurts and failed beliefs that linger unexamined in the mind and body, hurts that act through barely conscious
habits and reactions.”

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy

The focus of our collaborative sessions will generally be on engaging and shifting core beliefs, building resources, finding both ease and aliveness, and designing the life you want now.

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is based on the idea that much of our everyday suffering is in fact unnecessary and is produced by long held, unconscious beliefs that are no longer true or relevant. The therapeutic process is designed to bring such beliefs into consciousness.

It’s not about talking people out of their problems.

We don’t have long, speculative conversations with people about their troubles or history. A person’s emotional history—especially the part that has created the unconscious habits and beliefs with which that person meets his or her world—that history is operating right now. It is written in the way the person does things now, his style, his defining characteristics.

We use those cues to help the person figure out who he or she is through a method of assisted self-discovery by bringing what are normally inaccessible mental processes—like implicit beliefs and habitual rules and attitudes—into consciousness in a gentle, efficient way. Once these processes are made conscious, emotional relief and revision of beliefs becomes possible.

This work creates the possibility for missing experiences, experiences that the client did not get while growing up and experiences that might be needed for healing and wholeness to be found.

Hakomi takes place in a compassionate and loving environment because such a container creates the safety for mindfulness and for vulnerable wounds and mind states to emerge. In this way old, painful experiences are integrated. Beliefs and habits are examined and modified. A more realistic and satisfying way of being begins.

Grounded in the neuroscience of relational mindfulness, Somatic Psychology and systems theory, this gentle yet powerful mind-body approach assists you to create lasting and loving relationships with yourself and others based on safety, trust, respect, acceptance, openness, and curiosity.

For when there are no words, when words are not enough, or when words get in the way.

NeuroAffective Touch

Integrating the body, brain, and nervous system with traditional psychotherapy NeuroAffective Touch uses intentional mindful touch and exploratory body-centred dialogue to bring the unconscious memories held in the body into conscious awareness

NeuroAffective Touch transcends the limitations of talk therapy for healing early relational wounds offering a space where the nonverbal language of our bodies can be unlocked to access the deep layers of your body where the emotional shock and overwhelm are stored.

In a collaborative process of dialogue we listen to the story your body is holding, calling into play your own healing resources , releasing trauma and safely revealing the roots of your story.


We will unearth long standing behavioural patterns and the somatic bracing patterns that holds us in the place of trauma and through a process of gentle encouragement of the tissues and muscular bracings help us to untie the knots that bind us.

By communicating directly with the body at the nonverbal level where we have all received our first imprints, NeuroAffective Touch treats childhood emotional and relational traumas that unconsciously shape our behavior and sense of identity so that you can take the steps needed to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

NeuroAffective Touch is a neurologically informed psychotherapy that uses somatic psychology, touch, and body-centered approaches as vital psychobiological interventions to address emotional, relational, and developmental deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone.

My work with you is to help put your pieces back together as you find your way “home.” Perhaps you are ready to work through some trauma, or maybe you feel like your life is spinning out and you are looking for a way to anchor back in. Together we will explore negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more authentic and richer way of being with yourself and others.

It’s time to heal the one system that heals all other systems – your nervous system.

Nervous System Integration.

Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Therapy gets right to the heart of what is holding you back from healing in a gentle and often profound way –

During a session I gently hold areas of your body and listen through my hands as your body tells its story.

The body speaks through its rhythms, micro-movements and through patterns held from past experiences. I facilitate the release of held patterns and a return to fuller functioning and emotional resilience. Many people experience profound relaxation and touch places deep inside themselves that they have not connected with before. Healing can take place on the physical, emotional or mental or spiritual levels.

This work can help clients feel more aligned and more at home in themselves.

This subtle yet incredibly deep and powerful form of bodywork works with the body’s inherent ability to heal and re-organize through it’s natural intelligence when enough support and presence are given.Craniosacral Therapy can be of benefit with a wide range of health issues including:

• structural issues of pain and tension
• insomnia and related tiredness
• release stress and anxiety
• recovery from trauma and emotional issues
• personal and spiritual growth.


Dedicated one-to-one support for the fastest healing

Somatic Therapy and Movement Explorations. …..

Emotional Equilibrium

Our bodies are designed to respond to our feelings. We’ll explore how your emotions contribute to pain and ongoing health issues .
You’ll learn how to become aware of emotional triggers and how to reverse the pain brought on by emotions.

As part of that process, we’ll tap into the power of neuroplasticity to help you to rewire your pain and regain your life. Once you’ve mastered the process of working with yourself in this way, you’ll THRIVE.


When pain occurs, the brain interprets and modulates these sensations like volume controls for the pain, by dialing it louder or quieting it down. You’ll learn effective ways to control and re-regulate the volume controls. This in turn allows our fight-flight-freeze response to re-set back into the healthy state of rest- digest allowing our healing response to kick back into operation again.