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Therapy that reveals, heals and

Let’s address what holds you
back, holds you down, keeps
you small, quiet and invisible in the
world …..

Many of us have had experiences that taught us to alter,
abandon or cut off parts of ourselves.
We freeze, go quiet, erase ourselves and become a smaller,
tighter version of ourselves, living our lives in fear, overwhelm
and apathy.

You might feel broken, but you are not broken.
You might have problems, but you are not a problem.

At your core lies an unwavering strength and a fierce
resilience, though you may have lost touch with it along the
way. It’s always been there – and it always will be, even when
you feel disconnected and unsure of yourself.

You just need to know where to look for it.

How it would be
to rediscover the
part of you that’s

The part of you
that’s always been


at-home in who
you are?
Over the years I’ve had the great joy of watching people grow in ways they didn’t imagine were possible. I’d love to help you do that too. Explore my offerings below and let’s support you to coming home to yourself and to living life your way.

NeuroAffective Therapy

Your body speaks your mind
In-person sessions

NeuroAffective Therapy uses intentional mindful touch and exploratory body-centred dialogue to bring the unhealed memories held in the body into conscious awareness for transformation and release.
Acquiring a cognitive understanding of why we are the way we are is only part of the story. In order to change, we must also listen to the body’s inner voice


Our bodies tell the story of our struggles to love and be loved
NeuroAffective Touch enables the release of fear and tension in the musculature and organs and cultivates the heart connection that supports post-traumatic growth.

Emotional injuries of abandonment, neglect, abuse, and betrayal may be maintained as pressure on the cranial base and brain stem, respiratory diaphragm, heart, or digestive system.

These unresolved injuries and mis-attunements remain as ongoing threats to the nervous system. This locks the chronic emotional shock in place long after the initial trauma has passed.

The ability to address chronic emotional shock goes hand in hand with nurturing and healing a dysregulated physiology.

“Yogis use a beautiful Sanskrit word samskara, to describe the knots of energy that are locked in the hips, the heart, the jaw, the lungs. Each knot tells a story–a narrative rich with emotional detail. Release a samskara and you release the story. Release your stories, and suddenly there is more room to breathe, to feel, to experience the world.”

While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life

What happens?

This body based psychotherapy works for those times when there are no words, when words are not enough, or when words get in the way.
NeuroAffective Touch uses intentional mindful touch and exploratory body-centred dialogue to bring the unhealed memories held in the body into conscious awareness for transformation and release. Integrating the body, brain, and nervous system with traditional psychotherapy

NeuroAffective Touch transcends the limitations of talk therapy for healing early relational wounds offering a space where the nonverbal language of our bodies can be unlocked to access the deep layers where the emotional shock and overwhelm are stored

In a collaborative process of dialogue, we call into play your own healing resources and listen to the story your body is holding. In providing a compassionate space for the story to be lovingly heard, we reveal the roots of the story, allowing it to be released so that the impact is no longer felt in the body.

Release the trauma story so we have more room to live, to breathe, to feel, and to find joy in our lives and in the world.

Hakomi Relational Therapy

Become more of who you are
On-line and in-person sessions

Hakomi’s gentle, powerful body-centered approach reveals, heals and transforms the beliefs and habits that keep you stuck – the things that work against you, to hold you back, keep you silent, keep you small and invisible to the world.


Grounded in the neuroscience of relational psychotherapy, Hakomi focuses a compassionate lens on the areas where we all struggle – the unmet needs, the unhealed wounds, unresolved traumas, suppressed truths and disrupted boundaries that emerge when we believe ourselves to be inherently lacking or wrong in some way

Instead, we explore what gets in the way and stops us turning up for ourselves with acceptance and presence.. Together we rebuild trust, respect, safety, openness and connection so that you can open those doors with curiosity to explore the endless possibilities that exist for you.

Come join me in unraveling the parts of you that keep you stuck

About Hakomi
By investigating habitual cues from the body, the Hakomi approach quiets mental static to discover what’s beneath repetitive storylines. So much can shift, expand, and grow when we

· take time to listen to ourselves,
· give voice to our inner thoughts,
· know that we have a skillful guide to support us on this journey

It respects the wisdom of the body and its instinctive ways of responding to trauma, anxiety and stress and recognises the importance of allowing the process to unfold at its own pace; moving forward as you are ready.

Often, we’ve lost connection with who we truly are, at our core, instead of doing the healing work we try to manage the pain of our experience.
We develop ways to cope – some helpful, some not. This can lead us into harsh judgment, needless anxiety and lack of self-worth.
Whether it’s a past trauma, niggling anxiety or you feel like life is spinning out of control, this work will help you put the pieces of your life together as you find your way home.

Unshakeable. Unbroken. Powerfully You

What Happens?

Our work together will be “experiential” with a focus on what is happening for you in the “here-and-now” of our session. We will tap into the wisdom held in your body and the power of mindful self awareness, a practice that builds bridges in different parts of the brain, allowing for new possibilities in emotional patterns and access to new choices.

The focus of our collaborative sessions will be on:
· engaging and shifting core beliefs
· finding both ease and aliveness,
· connecting with your existing tools and building new resources,
· designing the life you want now.

Working with me will include periods of tuning in to sensations and emotions, mindful reflection, active inquiry, and working with the present to understand and heal the past.
I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and unlock the story held in your body, so you can show up in your life more meaningfully and powerfully.

Internal Family Systems

Building A Relationship With Yourself
On-line and In-person sessions

Have you ever thought you’re the reason your life is a bit of a mess ?
It’s easy to feel like there’s something wrong with you… like who you are is just not good enough. It could be that your mean -inner -girl is running the show and you would like to find a compassionate approach to hold the judgements and self-criticisms that sabotage you.


Everyone has a voice inside their head that guides their decisions. This voice may be obvious or completely subconscious. But if you’re engaging in any sort of negative self-talk, you can bet it’s getting in the way of your life. The first step to battling this beast is recognizing it. Once you recognize this dialogue, you can begin to rewrite the script.


IFS Therapy helps clients form a deeply satisfying relationship with themselves and others, unburdening their trauma and accessing their self-energy , presence and compassion.


….. AS SEEN IN …..


Who is this for ?

You have gotten so much out of traditional talk therapy but you’ve reached a plateau and are ready to explore a somatic approach
You have suffered relational trauma - bullying, gaslighting, loneliness, abandonment, mistrust - and find it difficult to forge meaningful relationships .
It could be that your mean -inner -girl is now running the show and you would like to find a compassionate approach to hold the judgements and self-criticisms that sabotage you.
You know that while we can't change difficult situations of the past we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life - and you feel that your body is key to understanding how to move forward.
Perhaps you’re grieving a loss: a relationship, a loved one and you need some holding space.
You know that beneath your anxieties, your worries and your restlessness that there’s got to be a more satisfying way of being in connection with yourself and others - and you’re determined to find it

What people say :

Thanks so much for embracing what I turned up with today. It was so very good. As always. As it often happens - you intuited my needs so well offering suggestions that I can respond to. I really appreciate that. It empowers me to give voice to needs that I hear and feel in me - but I can't find inner permission to express. I was so thankful and relieved to finally be able to do that today and love the ease with which you facilitated this for me . I can say that you're making a world of difference to me.

– Aisling Phillips, Yoga Teacher

Your sessions have been life enhancing for me and I am so happy and feel so lucky to have found you all that time ago when I didn’t know how to fight to survive but knew I really needed to. I very much appreciate your participation in my survival and couldn’t have gotten to this place of ease in my body - and my mind - without your help and kind support throughout.

– Claire O Malley, Accountant

Thank you so much for taking the time and opening up that space for me tonight. I found it very helpful to really listen to my body which is in a lot of pain and I realize I've been ignoring the level of discomfort I'm in, but I realize now I need to do something more to help myself - I would have kept putting it off 'til i got worse It's my body telling me to pay attention I'm sure but with this reaction to keep going, keep busy, it's difficult to find the space. I realize, I can't run away from that anymore- so thanks for facilitating that insight. Keep doing what you're doing, Best wishes and blessings

– Saoirse, Teacher

I wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for the skill and insight you shared with me . The space you held with me and your compassionate assistance helped me through one of the most challenging seasons of my life, and I continue to use the tools you helped me cultivate while working together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support has been instrumental to my healing experience, and I'm so grateful that life led me to you. Wishing you peace and all the very best.

– Adriel , Musician

Even though life has many challenging moments, and I have far to go in my journey of integrating and healing (forever?! 😂), I feel a steady sense of peace and deep gratitude for my life and growing confidence in myself. I feel so grateful for your support along the way and would never have gotten to where I am now without your solid and kind accompaniment.

– Aine, CEO, entrepreneur.


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