Grounded. Rooted. Connected.

Movement and bodywork that heals and brings you alive.

Grounded. Rooted. Connected.

Movement and bodywork that heals and brings you alive.

What’s it like, living in your body?

It could be that your body is changing – it’s not as agile or supple as it once was and just doesn’t work the way it once did.

Call it wear and tear or physical pain, whatever, but you feel it is letting you down and you’re ready to find a way back to feeling good in yourself.

Or you feel the burden of our emotional stress is taking its toll; holding up the healing process.

How would it be to untangle your chronic stress so your body begins to find it’s own way out of pain –and not just of the body but of the mind too?

Imagine never doubting yourself physically

Waking up everyday without any worries about nagging pains or limitations. Instead, you feel anticipation for the possibility of fun and exploration in the day ahead.

Imagine breaking the cycle of stress that keeps you stuck.

Imagine what your life would be like that if you could release your old anxieties or traumas so that your body doesn’t bear the burden.

Through movement, breath and somatic body-based interventions we undo the frazzled state of too much, too fast and never-quite-enough that we live in when demands are seemingly endless. …

Come join me in our playful unraveling of the most ancient part of our nervous system

Somatics goes straight to the root of the problem; your brain and nervous system – rewiring your muscles back to neutral taking you out of pain and giving you back control of your movement enabling you to enjoy life without pain or stiffness.

Specifically designed to speak to your nervous system, it’s basically a mindfulness practice that works directly with the movement cortex.

It’s a kind of change-your-brain, change-your-body, change-your-life methodology.

And it is very accessible to anyone and everyone

Healing the layers of stress that stay trapped in the muscles, bones, tissues and fascial layers of our nervous system – and our brains

Sometimes this work feels like it’s magic – ‘how can something so simple and gentle
be so effective  – cos it’s based in neuroscience

     Mind over Matter

Our brains affect and train our bodies , and our nervous system,  all the time, even if we’re unaware of it.When you learned to play an instrument or ride a bike your brain taught your body how to do that.   But your brain can also teach negative lessons, causing muscles to contract around injuries or tighten when you’re stressed.

  Muscle Confusion

When muscles forget how to relax, they become chronically contracted, losing flexibility and causing stiffness, back pain, poor posture ,chronic fatigue and anxiety. The feedback loop between your brain and muscles goes into ‘auto-pilot’, making it difficult to control your muscles and move freely.

Somatic Amnesia

Thomas Hanna called this inability to sense and voluntarily release tight muscles sensory-motor amnesia (SMA). Muscles with sensory-motor amnesia have learned to stay so contracted that no matter what you do—stretching, massaging, or drugging the muscles—they will not relax for the long term.

So, how do we reverse this?

Movement is hardwired into our motor cortex, meaning it’s the brain that controls the muscles, therefore it’s the brain that must be taught to relax and release them, it doesn’t matter how much effort or force you put into building a better, stronger body, if your muscles aren’t on-line you’ll never get anywhere

Somatic movement and bodywork activates the fluid-body through playful exploration and re-patterning techniques, to rehydrate the system and create new neuro-pathways & new possibilities

This is for you if …

You’re starting to feel a bit-over-the-hill even though you’re not that old yet.

You know that the stress of juggling your life is what’s creating tension ; you’re ready to find a way to resolve those stresses so you can live life fully again.

You’re frustrated – you’ve tried everything, but the pain keeps returning

You’re determined to never take another pain-killer and are looking for a way to rely on YOURSELF to feel better instead of on pills & surgery

It’s getting difficult to do the things that you love to do – even the simple things like getting up off the couch is becoming an effort.

You’ve many years left in you and you want to stay as active as you possibly can so you get to enjoy them all.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling for so long that you can’t imagine ever being well again…

You realize that you need help.
Help that is holistic in nature and body focused.
Help that collaborates.

What makes this work so effective



Muscles with sensory-motor amnesia – muscle forgetfulness – have learned to stay so contracted that no matter what you do—stretching, massaging, or drugging the muscles—they will not relax for the long term.
Somatics is different – it’s  designed to train your brain to eliminate chronic muscle pain and wake up your movement memory !.Somatics gives you back the movement possibilities/potential that you had before  chronic pain and lack of mobility became part of your life.


Steeped in sensory neuroscience

More and more research is telling us that to have a healthy brain and life we MUST put the focus on our body!    And to have a healthy body we must engage and re-wire the neural pathways so that we  create long-term health and resilience in the tissues, fascia, muscles and nervous system – Bye-bye pain and anxiety



When pain occurs, the brain interprets and modulates these sensations like volume controls for the pain, by dialing it louder or quieting it down. You’ll learn effective ways to control and re-regulate the volume controls.  This in turn allows our fight-flight-freeze response to re-set back into the healthy state of rest- digest allowing our healing response to kick back into operation again.

You’re in charge


You’re in charge

As it’s the brain that decides when to contract and when to let go it’s obvious then that no-one can do this for you –    but your brain knows exactly how to do this work.  ! What we do for you is to show you how to re-train your own brain so that  you  become the expert in your movement brain and therefore the expert in your own well-being throughout your life-time.


Emotional Equilibrium

Our bodies are designed to respond to our feelings. We’ll explore how your emotions contribute to pain. You’ll learn how to become aware of emotional triggers and how to reverse the pain brought on by emotions.


Mindfulness in Motion

Training our sensory awareness – which is our sense of ourselves from the inside out  – runs like a golden thread throughout , and is the basis of all mindfulness practices.   With sensory-motor amnesia in a certain area, it can feel like a dead zone. There is very little awareness except for the sensation of pain.  Bringing awareness back sends new information to our Movement Brain to look for less stressful ways to move and be in our world


Grow Your Slow

Develops our capacity to slow down for long enough so that we can begin to catch up with ourselves.   Slowing down we learn how to  soften the body- armour that causes us to brace against the world which in turn produces states of anxiety and over-whelm.   We learn to dissolve our body-brain-nervous activation through neuro-regulation allowing our internal ease to strengthen and to grow new roots of wellness.