Turn on your off switch


Do you ever find yourself wondering why your pain or illness is not resolving ?

The secret lies in our nervous system and more specifically in our survival brain.  Nature has given us a very clever survival response  –  it gets us out of situations that are dangerous for us and so keeps us safe.  However many of us   become stuck in this stress response and as a result we become sick, anxious and a shadow of our former selves

How it happens

Sometimes life becomes so hectic that  it’s not just our physical bodies that take a battering.Our  inner reserves often  become very depleted  and we find  that we just can’t cope.When this happens our survival brain kicks in  and activates our Fight-Flight-Freeze stress response.

It’s ok if we are in this mode for a little while. OK but not ideal.The problem is when we get stuck in this stress response,  which I call being on Red Alert, as so many of us do.

Craniosacral Untying the Knots


In our Fight survival response it can feel like we  are constantly on high alert  , mind racing,  adrenaline pumping through us and we can behave like a bull in a china shop,  charging through our lives with no thought to the effect it is having on ourselves,  our colleagues and loved ones.  That’s the fight response.
Craniosacral Untying the Knots


The flight response looks a bit calmer , but it feels like there’s no-one home.   Nothing gets done and we get stuck in a state of dreamy procrastination.   The problem with this state is that in our no-one-home state we miss out a lot and our lives become humdrum and unsatisfactory. Depression and anxiety are common in this state and we can spend years wasting precious time.
Craniosacral Untying the Knots


The freeze response is even more serious. We are literally frozen in time, reliving the event over and over again with no apparent way out. Our muscles are contracted,  our ability to think clearly, or indeed to even find the words to express what we are feeling is severely comprised. We become distant in our relationships which leads to isolation, despair and disconnection.

Are you ready to move forward in your life and experience more health and

vitality, living the life you want to live?

 It’s time to heal the one system that heals all other systems – your nervous system. 
Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Therapy get right to the heart of what is holding you back from healing in a gentle and often profound way – 

Craniosacral Untying the Knots

This subtle yet incredibly deep and powerful form of bodywork works with the body’s inherent ability to heal and re-organize through it’s natural intelligence when enough support and presence are given.Craniosacral Therapy can be of benefit with a wide range of health issues including:


  • structural issues of pain and tension
  • insomnia and related tiredness
  • release stress and anxiety
  • recovery from trauma and emotional issues
  • personal and spiritual growthth
Craniosacral Untying the Knots
During a session I gently hold areas of your body and listen through my hands as your body tells its story. The body speaks through its rhythms, micro-movements and through patterns held from past experiences. I facilitate the release of held patterns and a return to fuller functioning. Many people experience profound relaxation and touch places deep inside themselves that they have not connected with before. Healing can take place on the physical, emotional or mental or spiritual levels.


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