Get to know me.

Yoga Dip, Embodied Somatic Movement Therapist , Craniosacral Therapy Adv , DTR Embodiment Trainer Adv, Hakomi Practitioner , CBT Cert, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner


As a trauma-informed somatic therapist and movement therapist I have always had a keen interest in how our bodies reflect and somatize our thoughts and feelings. This fascination and exploration has spanned almost three decades, over 3,000 hours of training , and working with thousands of students and clients in this field.

As a body-based therapist I embraced Craniosacral Therapy and Hakomi Mindfulness Psychotherapy as ways of working with our earliest emotional woundings . I also trained in the NeouroAffective Polyvagal Trauma- Informed work of Dr. Aline LaPierre which works through attuned touch , presence and somatic dialogue to meet those places in us that can continue to hold trauma in the muscular bracing patterns of anxiety and long-term stress.

I have delved deeply into embodiment movement practices through trainings and explorations as diverse as Feldenkrais , 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Dancing The Rainbow, Naked Voice work, Hanna Somatics and Yoga.

I have spent many more years exploring ancient and contemporary meditative practices and trained in Buddhist Psychology to eventually turn to embodied mindful practices that work directly to unhook the nervous system from familiar patterns of somatic bracing.

All of these therapies recognize the need to find the language of the body and nervous system in order to embrace and move forward from past experiences that may remain trapped in our bodies and psyches if left unattended.

I work as a kind of midwife for these experiences to emerge and to be held with a welcoming presence as we transition from anxiety and emotional stress into wholeness , clarity and an inner spaciousness that arises through this deep body , deep listening , deeply accepting space.