Years back I came across this cartoon clip of Charlie Brown exploring how to use his body stance to feel his ‘best’depression.

It struck me as funny, true and poignant at the time as it spoke to what I had noticed in my own body and
recognized as a familiar pattern of holding that led to me feeling anxious and depressed.

Years later I came across the work of Thomas Hanna, who explored this relationship even further in his work
through a neurosensory
re-education process and named this the ‘posture of defeat’, mapping a particular configuration of
neuro-muscular holding which leads to feelings of fear and apprehension:

I felt Hanna had nailed my way of being in the world: somewhat cautious with a tendency to check things out for
fear that I would be overwhelmed.This was of course a typical ‘flight’ response to what I perceived as
stressors which kept me in a state of procrastination,ultimately  postponing my engagement with life fully.

………..   And it became very dissatisfying and painful for me …………..

Coming across Hanna’s work I felt like I had been given the key which had the potential to  unlock this pattern of
entrenched anxiety that stopped me from breathing fully and somehow held my upper arms like iron grips by my side, not quite immobile but with the feeling I was always holding myself back through an unconscious vague sense of

In recent years I have been lucky enough to be able to learn deeply through a 3 year Somatics training .It has beenfascinating to explore through these slow, neurosensory movements and to find ways  to soften and release  the
psychological patterns that underlie my tight shoulders and anxious mind.

It’s been an enlivening and hope-filled process as I feel a return to ease that was unknown to me before.And a real education as my nervous system
relays to my brain better and better ways to move, think and feel in the world.

My body  is starting to speak what feels like a different language as I feel the anxiety dissolving and an ability to face what’s
before me more readily.It’s given me an inner strength that holds me more upright and eyes the world through a different lens .

On a recent training, after a session, I found myself walking around the room without my usual protective stance, fluid in my movement, without effort, and I heard myself saying
‘It’s safer for me to stand upright with a relaxed belly because when I stand like this more of me is available’ ………….

Meaning that my inner knowing and strength which was inaccessible when my belly and gut was tight became alive and available when released and knows instinctively what to do in any situation
I felt like I had found my own inner compass, and just as Charlie Brown has found his best stance for depression,I had found my best stance for ease and wholeness.
My work with clients , which I call Untying the Knots, has become an exploration of how to find our own inner compass and essentially find our way back to our own‘best’ selves, out of anxiety and back to being at home in our own skin.
How do you need to stand to feel alive, awake and at home in the world?

Could you benefit from sleep that is unbroken and deeply restorative?

The world needs you at your best and most well-rested and so we’ve created a programme that will deliver just that.

And while there are no magic wands waved in the process, (it’s got lots of stable science backing it up,) magic will happen as your body and mind learns new ways of letting go and refreshing sleep takes over, night after night.

My Deep Sleep Reset Programme is a full-spectrum body-mind approach, offering you the most effective sleep solutions to help sleep soundly right through the night.

Integrating Embodied Mindfulness, Somatic Psychology, Yoga enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Trauma Resolution to resolve underlying physical , emotional and psychobiological issues that interrupt your precious sleep-time.

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How would it be to rediscover the part of you that’s always been unbroken , heart-steady, at home in who you are?

Whether it’s a past trauma, niggling anxiety or you feel like life is spinning out of control, this work will help you put the pieces of your life together as you find your way ‘home’.

Unshakeable. Unbroken.

Programme One - Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy

We often don’t know our core deep strength so instead of doing the necessary healing work we try to manage the pain of our experience. We develop ways to cope – some helpful, some not. We self-identify with what’s broken. This leads us into harsh judgements, pushing ourselves until we’re exhausted along with needless anxiety or lack of self-worth.

Hakomi’s gentle yet powerful body-centred psychotherapeutic approach reveals, heals and transforms the beliefs and habits that may cause emotional suffering and chronic illnesses. ...... Read More

Programme two - Psychotherapy for the body... and the mind

There’s a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.
- Rumi

NeuroAffective Touch® is a neurologically informed touch-based psychotherapy that uses somatic psychology, touch, and body-centred approaches as vital psychobiological interventions.
This profound yet gentle work offers a space where the nonverbal language of our bodies can be unlocked to access the deep layers of your body where the emotional shock and overwhelm are stored, healing the wounds that cause suffering. Read More .......

Programme three - Craniosacral Therapy

Our bodies speak to us in many different ways, they speak to us through the discomfort of tight shoulders, through the sensation of butterflies in the stomach, through the tight knot of the heart - our bodies don’t need words - our bodies have a language of its own, an expression in the muscles and the tissues that can be unlocked by a skilled therapist

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Create space for yourself to lay down your load and unwind the kinks, knots and chronic tensions to reveal the inner resilience and emotional strength that’s right at the core of you.

Movement Sessions. Read More. Body Work Session Read More

In these sessions we bring high doses of self compassion therapy, movement that soothes, and trauma informed bodywork to unravel the bracing patterns held in our muscles, breath,belly and hearts to come truly home to ourselves.