And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became

more painful than the risk it took to bloosom

– Anais Nin

Sometimes pain is more than just the physical – it goes deeper

and so it needs a deeper attention

The process of Somato-Emotional Release

The process of Somato-emotional Release is often combined with CST to resolve any emotional component of a health issue, and can be helpful in illuminating, in a very safe way, emotional issues that may have been holding up a client’s healing process for years. Somato-emotional Release draws on mind-body techniques such as empathetic touch, visualization, and dialogue to remove residuary patterns formed in the body tissue and mind. With a client’s permission it can be seamlessly incorporated into the CST body therapy and be tailored to the client’s comfort and sensitivity needs.

SER can offer an added layer of the healing puzzle; This can be of great assistance in helping to develop a client’s capacity to experience a sense of completion which is sometimes necessary for a client to feel fully complete, resolved and at peace in body and mind.

Listen to your body before you have to hear it scream